BBQ Pulled Jackfruit


A few months ago, when I first started hearing about jackfruit being used as a ‘meat substitute’ in recipes I was very intrigued. I immediately started googling recipes, looking at pictures on Instagram and reading peoples reviews and it all looked very promising. I decided to take the plunge and buy a couple of tins.

Thankfully, when I had been reading up on the different recipes for jackfruit, I learned that you need to buy it in water and not the syrup – or else you’re making dessert not a savoury dish! Two things became immediately clear when I first tried this recipe: 1 – it takes on the flavour of whatever seasonings, spices or sauces you use, 2 – shredded jackfruit looks and has the mouthfeel of shredded chicken or even pork. I have tested this on a meat eater and they happily had seconds!

I’ve a couple more tins of jackfruit sitting in the pantry so I think I may try a pie next...if it’s a success I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you.

In this recipe I use my homemade BBQ sauce which is easy to make and stores well in the fridge, you could use a store bought one though for convenience, I would encourage you to buy a good quality brand if you can.

Jackfruit is a great source of dietary fibre and can help get things moving! It is also rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Serves 3-4


-1 400g tin of young jackfruit in water, not syrup, drained – if pieces of the jackfruit have the tough core still attached, slice the core off and discard

-1/2 to 3/4 cup BBQ sauce

How To Make

Place a medium saute pan over a low to medium heat and add the drained jackfruit with 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce.

Slowly heat up the pan stirring occasionally and as the jackfruit heats up, shred with 2 forks – it will resemble shredded pork or chicken.

If the jackfruit is too dry, add more BBQ sauce until you get the desired consistency.

I like to serve the jackfruit on gluten-free bread rolls with salad and homemade coleslaw or sweet potato fries on the side.