Frequently Asked Questions For the Bespoke Menu Planning Service

Are the packages the same as a diet/weight loss plan?


  • Each plan is designed and tailored to each individual.

  • There is no calorie counting, counting of points, banned foods etc.

  • The Bespoke Menu Plans are focused on wholesome, nourishing foods in each meal and snack. For some people, with weight to lose, they may find their weight go down however weight loss is not a goal of the plans.

  • The plans are designed for those who want to eat healthier.

I’m on the elimination diet, can you do me a plan?

If you have been put on an elimination diet by your dietician or health professional, you need to continue to work with them. Elimination diets are very restrictive and you need to go through the re-introduction phase with your medical professional. The Bespoke Menu Plans are not suitable for those on an elimination diet.

I’m gluten intolerant, are these plans suitable for me?

Absolutely! If you have any food intolerances or allergies then I can tailor a plan so that the specific food is not included.

I think I am dairy intolerant, can you assist me with this?

If you think you have a food intolerance or sensitivity you would need to go to a registered nutritionist, dietician or your GP for further tests and investigation. If you are dairy intolerant my plans can be adapted to suit your needs.

What if a recipe in my plan contains an ingredient I don’t like? can I change it?

After you complete the online assessment form, I will be able to see you likes and dislikes. Any food you dislike will not be included in the plan for you.

I hate cooking but really want to eat healthier, is this plan for me?


  • I can design a plan for you make a dish once but then have leftovers to enjoy in the upcoming days or to stock your freezer.

  • All recipes are easy to follow and I supply a full set of comprehensive notes plus, if you purchase a plan from The Silver Service Package you have email support from me should you need any further guidance.

I need to go down a dress size in 3 weeks for my sister’s wedding, will your plans work?

My plans are not designed to be a diet or weight loss tool. Your bespoke menu plan will be full of nourishing foods and some client have lost weight down the plans, however, weight loss is not the focus of the plans, it’s about healthy eating.

I have very little spare time to stand in the kitchen for hours and cook but want to eat more healthfully, can your plans help?


  • I understand how busy we all are these days so my plans can be adapted to fit in with you lifestyle.

  • I can give you recipes that can be made in less than hour or 30 minutes.

  • I can show you ways to meal prep so you can prepare breakfasts or dinners for the week ahead plus give you tips to save time when it comes to cooking.

I travel a lot for work so may not be able to follow the plan strictly, will this matter?

Not at all. Some people follow the plan closely whilst others may just one meal from it one week then a couple more meals the following week. As this isn’t a weight loss plan there are no check-ins and it’s up to you how the plan should work for you. You get the entire plan as a download to keep forever so you use it the way it works best for you.

I’ve got somewhat of a bland palette, is there lots of ‘exotic’ ingredients in the plan?

My goal for each plan is to make it work for you, the customer. There aren’t any weird ingredients in the recipes. Though there maybe ingredients you haven’t heard of before, most of the ingredients will be available at a major supermarket plus I give substitutes in recipes too.

If there is any further information you need or have a question please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.