How To Meal Prep When You Haven't Meal Planned!

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I get it, I really do. Sometimes time just gets away from us and then we haven’t planned any meals for the upcoming few days let alone the week ahead and well, meal prep just isn’t happening.

Meal Planning and Meal Prep shouldn’t be overwhelming

Meal planning and meal prep can seem totally overwhelming and add more stress, which seems counterintuitive as we’re all trying to reduce stress in our lives. If you’re new to meal planning, check out my earlier post ‘How To Meal Plan’ which provides you with some tips to getting started.

My 4 top tips to help with meal prep

Below are my 4 top tips on how to meal prep when you haven’t thought about it. These tips will save you time and stress in the upcoming days as you will have some foods ready for snacks and to be part of meals.

  1. Making rice (or another grain) for dinner? Cook more than what you need then store the extra leftover rice either in the fridge or freezer. This rice (or other grain) can be added to soups, used in a vegetable stir-fry, you can use it to make egg fried rice or add it to a salad and it can form the base of a Buddha bowl.

  2. If you're at the hob cooking dinner, put some eggs on to boil. Hard-boiled eggs are great to have in the fridge for snack options or to add into a salad, a pasta dish or a sandwich.

  3. Roasting veg? Roast an extra tray at the same time. Store the extra roasted vegetables in the fridge and you can use these as a side-dish, add to salads/a Buddha bowl or in tortilla wraps.

  4. If you're chopping up vegetables for dinner, chop up extra carrots or celery to enjoy as snacks with hummus or a dip of your choice. Store them in an airtight container until ready to use.

I provide more of these tips with my Bespoke Meal Plans and Guides as I want to provide my clients with all the tools to help them long after they have finished their plan.

If you found these tips useful or have any tips for meal prepping, please do comment below.

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