Lemon & Ginger Green Juice


This juice tastes so ‘fresh’...I don’t know how else to describe it! It has many different taste notes but they don’t overpower the palate and are lovely and refreshing.

I love making fresh juices, especially when the weather starts to warm up and there are so many fruits and veggies you can add – except soft fruits such as banana, mango or avocado, these don’t ‘juice’! My rule is to use a fruit for sweetness such as apples or pear then make the rest of the juice vegetables, herbs and some citrus but it is entirely up to you what ingredients you add, after all you’ll be the one enjoying it.

The reason I use more veggies than fruit in my juices is due to vegetables having a lower sugar content than fruit so your juice won’t give you a sugar rush as it would if it was all fruit juice. Plus, with a juice you don’t have the fibre that you do in a smoothie to slow down the release of the sugars into your system.

I do have to say though, as much as I love juices, I do not enjoy cleaning my juicer afterwards!! Surely someone has invented or could invent a juicer which is simple to clean... having said that when I sit down to enjoy my juice it is worth it..sometimes!

All citrus fruits are known for their Vitamin C content.

Serves 2


-4 apples
-3 sticks of celery
-2 generous handfuls of baby spinach -1/3 of English cucumber
-1 thumb size piece ginger, peeled

-1/3 of a lemon, peeled but keep pith on

How To Make

Place all ingredients in your juicer and go!

Serve immediately.