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If you’re looking for some inspiration and support when it comes to eating more healthfully either for yourself or for the whole family, I can help.

The 3 packages I offer are all tailored to the individual or family. The Bespoke Meal Plans are for individuals, whilst The Bespoke Meal Guide can be used for individuals, couples or families. The recipes I use focus on easy, delicious food that are nourishing but you don’t need fancy ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen (unless you want to!).

I believe that eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. Sometimes, though, the overwhelm of so many recipes in cookbooks and on the internet along with trying to adapt recipes for food intolerances or to suit your (and your family’s) likes/dislikes can get too much.

Plus, it takes up so much time and I am aware of how busy we all are these days.

My Bespoke Meal Plans are for individuals who want a tailored menu plan done for them - the layout, the recipes, the complete shopping list.

 My Bespoke Meal Guides are for individuals, couples or families who want a collection of bespoke recipes that suits their (& their family’s) needs that they can refer back to time and time again.