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The Bespoke Meal Guide

This guide can be described as a personalised cookery book. The bespoke recipes will based on your family’s food intolerances, likes/dislikes, how much time you have to cook and how many servings of recipes you’d like to make.

The Bespoke Meal Guide is great for busy families or individuals who don’t want to menu plan but still want healthful recipes based on their needs. Additionally, if you have a guest coming to stay that has particular dietary needs and you’re struggling with ideas for what to serve then a Bespoke Meal Guide can help immensely. It will save you having to cook lots of different meals and save time in the kitchen!

This guide of bespoke recipes will become your go-to when meal planning.

Once you have completed the online assessment form I will get to work compiling 20 recipes to suit your needs.

With this package you will receive:

  • A downloadable booklet with 20 easy-to-follow recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • Recipes notes for ingredient substitutions, leftovers, re-heating options.

  • Culinary Nutrition notes on the health benefits of a number of ingredients that feature in the recipes.

  • A pantry staples list.

  • Tips on meal planning.

  • 3 support emails should you have any questions or queries about your guide.

Once I receive your completed assessment form - which should take about 10 minutes to complete - then your Bespoke Meal Guide will be with you within 5 business days.

Take the stress out of meal-planning with your Bespoke Meal Guide.

Once you have placed your order you will receive The Bespoke Meal Guide Assessment Form.

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