Week 1 of Couch to 5k

Run 1

And, I have started! I wasn’t sure what to expect but although I was feeling a bit out of breath by the end of the first session, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t overly tiring and it’s great to have the app’s coach (I picked Jo Whiley) to let you know when to run and walk and offer words of encouragement.

Run 2

As I was running I had a pain in my thigh but I kept going, I just took it really steady. I’ve noticed that being out first thing in the morning running/walking is a great way to quiet my mind. I’m a worrier, which in turn sets of my anxiety and when I’m running I’m concentrating on my breath and thinking of where I’m headed to so it gives me a break for the constant noise in my head.

Run 3

After only 2 runs I was so excited for session 3! Who even am I? I never thought I’d be that person who looks forward to going for a run. This session is so much easier than session 1 and I thoroughly enjoyed it and no pain in my thigh this time. Bring on week 2!