Week 4 of Couch To 5k

Run 1

Five minutes seems a really long time when you’re running especially when you’ve never ran for any length of time before like me! However, I did it and I finished the run feeling quite proud of myself as I really thought I wouldn’t manage. I did have to have a little mindset shift and tell myself that I should try and not to quit just because it becomes hard. It wasn’t easy and I did feel slightly nauseous at the end of it but I did it!!!

Run 2

This run I thoroughly enjoyed. The weather was just perfect, not too hot or cold and I just felt really good on every run. By the 4th& final run my legs did feel heavy but all in all a good run.

Run 3

Currently, I’m sat in Atlanta airport writing the update for yesterdays run. It was so humid that it took a lot for me to keep going (lots of motivating self-talk and trying to quiet my inner critic who was quite adamant I wouldn’t finish...ha, I proved them wrong!) The last 5 minute run of this session seemed to go on for 10 minutes, in fact I thought my phone battery had died but nope it was just a tough run and time seemed to go really slowly. I did manage it although felt like more of a power walk than a jog or run. I’m due to start Week 5 on Friday but as I’m travelling I’m going to repeat Week 4 Run 3 on Sunday and start week 5 on Tuesday, I’m hoping this will ease me back into it and be gentle on my body after being on a long flight.