Week 6 of Couch To 5K

Run 1

After completing 20 minutes continuous running at the end of week 5 I thought the runs this week would be a breeze...how wrong was I? This run was quite good although I did struggle towards the end of the session.

Run 2

Hated this run and hate is a strong word but I was about in tears at the end of this session. This run comprised of two 10 minute runs with a walk in between. Again, I thought it wouldn’t be tough as I had done a whole 20 minutes running with no breaks!! This was probably tougher than the 20 minute run and I never want to repeat it this run, ever! I went on to the Couch to 5k forum and apparently this run is well-known for catching people out and being tough.

Run 3

After run 2 I was not exactly jumping out of bed to go on this run and had to have a word with myself to get it done. It’s amazing how many excuses I came up with to try and not go. This run was a full 25 minutes and I loved it! I took it really slow but I did it all without stopping. I cannot believe how far I’ve made it in such a short space of time. This run definitely made up for the horror that was run 2 this week.